Container Gardens

IMG_20140730_103159_editOne of the best times of the year to plant container gardens is in the fall. Container gardens make it easy to bring your plants indoors when the harsh winter weather comes.

Container gardens not only look beautiful and provide your landscape with color throughout the year, they are extremely versatile.  If containers are small enough, they can be moved, rearranged and switched out easily. There are several ideas for container gardens including pots, bowls, boxes and troughs. Fill your container garden with colorful plants, herbs or flowers. Use them to decorate your patio, garden and outdoor living areas. Container gardens make great decorations for decks and patios as well.

Our landscape designers and landscape experts can design customer container gardens to match your flower beds and enhance the curb appeal of your home. We can even install a drip irrigation system into the container garden bed, so you do not have to worry about watering your plants. This is ideal for going on vacation.

Go choose your favorite containers, colors and plants or let us do all the work for you. Tell us what you like, your style and budget, and our local landscapers will create a beautiful arrangement for you.