Service Area


There is only one landscaping contractor in the central Tennessee area that services more businesses and residences with full service landscape and irrigation services and maintenance. Peach Tree Landscape is the number one choice for retail businesses, manufacturers, service businesses, industrial properties, property managers and homeowners who live within a 100 mile radius of Nashville, TN. Peach Tree Landscape visits over 60 counties and 7500 square miles of this central Tennessee area regularly to keep properties looking their best. Property managers with single to multiple locations across this area have chosen to partner up with Peach Tree services to keep their properties looking fresh and new all year around. 

Our team members are thoroughly qualified and trained in property maintenance, landscaping, irrigation and property beautification. We use only our own highly skilled technicians, no sub contractors, and our own custom trucks and equipment. Our service range includes the entire middle Tennessee region from Nashville at the center to Clarksville, Bowling Green, Crossville, Winchester, Fayetteville, Pulaski, Dickson and all cities within that circular area. We serve more satisfied customers in a larger area than other landscapers.

We are proud of our awards for “Best Landscaping Contractor” (Murfreesboro Magazine) and “Beautification Award” from the Chamber of Commerce in Nashville. Our beautification efforts can be seen locally at Cracker Barrel, McDonald’s, Kroger, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Publix and Lowes. In addition to grounds landscaping, our team members in our property maintenance division have special equipment for hard surface care, lighting, and parking lot sweeping. 

Our experts know the central Tennessee geography and climate, and are adept at planning landscaping to best use ornamental plant management for creating landscapes filled with seasonal color and floral plantings that thrive in this special area. On-going lawn and landscape maintenance service by Peach Tree Landscape keeps properties looking their best in every season. You can view our work in smaller towns like Manchester, Franklin, Cookeville, Spring Hill, Brentwood, Springfield, Hendersonville and Gallatin. 

Proper irrigation is crucial to obtaining the best results from your landscaping efforts. The Peach Tree Irrigation Service & Installation division works with our landscaping teams to design and service irrigation patterns that work with landscaping and the geography of your area to bring the best results. Maintenance of irrigation systems is our specialty, so your irrigation systems continue to work as planned, without expensive repairs.