Turf Fertilization

We cover all aspects of turf care and maintenance. Our professional landscape design team and service crews fully understand turf care and landscape design. They recognize that protecting the investment clients make in landscape beautification is essential to our business success and customer satisfaction. As professionals they take pride in being up to date on all the latest products for turf care.

Year Round Coverage

To keep landscaping in prime condition and health we recommend our complete turf fertilization and weed control program. This program provides scheduled applications of the appropriate types of fertilizer and weed control products at five critical times of the year. Applications are made during February, April, July, September and October.

Early in the year, before the growing season begins, we apply the pre-emergant herbicides that help to prevent weed seed growth from the start. These products kill weeds but not turf. Later in the season is the time for post-emergants that will kill any unsightly weeds that happen to germinate. Our granular fertilizers give turf the boost it requires for thick, healthy and green growth throughout the growing season.

Keeping landscape weed free gives turf the optimum opportunity for health and growth. Weeds are unsightly and soak up soil nutrients that the turf should be absorbing. Without weeds, which can grow in harsh conditions and spread readily, the turf areas have the best chance to thrive and continue to look green and healthy. Fertilization prompts healthy root and shoot growth in turf areas and is an essential part of any landscaping investment.

Applications of turf fertilizer and weed herbicides need to match a geographical area. Our team has years of experience working in this region. Click the link to the left to connect with them today.

We offer a complete lawn care program in Austin – check out ElementsLawn.com for more information and helpful tips.