Hardscape Design & Installation

Landscape Enhancements can include a wide variety of different landscaping projects. Our landscape designers have the creativity and plant knowledge to make your property beautiful and help increase its value. Click the links to the left to speak to one of our landscape designers about getting your project started!


Once a design has been completed and approved, let us give it the “Elements of Excellence” and bring it to life. From a basic concrete walkway, a bricked patio or an outdoor kitchen, we will be there every step of the way to make your ideas a reality.

Outdoor Living Areas

Entertain your friends and family with a comfortable outdoor living area that allows you to sit back and relax with them. Our designers have years of experience creating functional outdoor kitchens, simple fire pits and shady covered areas where you can be refreshed while entertaining your guests.

Retaining Walls

We understand that terrain can be a unique challenge.  Often times a retaining wall will be the first step in creating a new outdoor living area.  Our retaining walls are designed to work for you long term and to look just as beautiful as the rest of your property.

Drainage Solutions

We want to make sure your landscape is designed correctly to avoid water run off that can wash away your property. Our team can turn a drainage problem into an elegant feature of your landscape or make it as discreet as possible.


Supplemental water is a must have for most landscapes.  Our licensed irrigators can design and install a custom irrigation system or we can modify your existing system to optimize water use.  We work with you all year to make sure that your landscape is getting the most efficient and direct water possible, even in extreme conditions.  A well-nourished landscape is a beautiful one.

Landscapes of Excellence

Our team of professionals knows how to use plants to create stunning landscapes; but landscaping is about more than plants.  Whether creating a luxurious environment around your swimming pool or an elegant focal point at the entrance of your property, we work with you to make sure your plants not only live, but thrive in their new home.